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Cob Zoom Down Light
15W Cob Zoom Down Light
40W Cob Zoom Down Light
40-70 Cob Zoom Light
28-50 Cob Zoom Light
13W Flood Light
24W Flood Light
40W Flood Light
50W Flood Light
50W Flood Light
55W Flood Light
70W Flood Light
75W Flood Light
100W Flood Light
150W Flood Light
200W Flood Light
50-150W Led Bay Light
80-250W Led Bay Light
100-250W Led Bay Light
150-400W Led Bay Light
200-400W Led Bay Light
20W Led Pharma Fitting
40W Led Pharma Fitting
2x240W Panel Light
18W Recessed Panel Light
48W Led Panel Light
12W Track Light
30W Track Light
120W Street Light
13W Street Light
26W Street Light
39W Street Light
52W Street Light
75W Street Light
100W Street Light
150W Street Light
13-45W Comparison b/w Led and Street Light
26-85W Comparison b/w Led and Street Light
39-70W Comparison b/w Led and Street Light
52-150W Comparison b/w Led and Street Light
Year of Establishment : 1985 Status : Manufacturers of Luminaries, Home Appliances, Switch Gears, Capacitors. Registration Authorities : N.S.I.C, DGS&D, Railway, Defence and Electricity Boards. Design : Our products are Engineered in our laboratory by qualified technocrats with latest technology & know how. Quality Control : Qualified Engineers check the quality on each step of manufacturing from raw material to the final products as per the latest BIS specifications and IEC specifications as applicable. Customers : Company products are sold mostly to govt. of India departments and its agencies such as CPWD, Municipal Corpn, DGS&D, Railways, Defence etc. These are inspected and tested in our factory before despatch. These are designed in accordance with specifications received from each department and relevant I.S.S.